Privacy Policy

TickTask LLC

Unless otherwise indicated, the defined terms referred to in this Privacy policy correspond to the definitions given thereto in the Terms of use.

This Privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data of Users of TickTask. The data controller processing these personal data is TickTask LLC. The scope of application of this Privacy policy is identical to the scope of application of the Terms of use.

1. Privacy policy


TickTask LLC processes the personal data provided through the use of TickTask, in particular names, address and other contact details, Errand data, and payment details. The use of TickTask shall be understood as including but not limited to creating TickTask accounts, placing a Request, an Offer or an Order, as well as responding to any customer satisfaction surveys emitted by TickTask LLC.

As a general rule, personal data will be used solely for the purposes of putting the Customer and the Errand Runner in contact, ensuring the Errand(s) be carried out, optimising TickTask services and verifying the Customer’s experience. Personal data will only be passed on to third parties where necessary for the processing of the Errand. Personal data may also be shared with third parties where required by law.

Aside from personal data, TickTask LLC also processes information provided when reviewing an Errand Runner and/or the service provided. By providing a review, the Customer consents to the processing thereof.

Especially in case of unsatisfactory service, TickTask LLC processes personal data on an as-needed basis in order to ensure improved experience. These personal data include but are not limited to any exchanges (such as texts, calls, voice messages, and/or photographs) between the Customer and the Errand Runner via the chat & call feature of TickTask. By using TickTask and in particular by lodging a complaint of unsatisfactory service to TickTask LLC, the Customer consents to such processing of personal data. When a Customer or an Errand Runner communicates with TickTask LLC by email, s/he consents to TickTask LLC retaining and processing such communications in a manner it sees fit.

In case of fraudulent use of TickTask, upon suspicion of punishable access or any other prohibited activity, any available data may be analysed by TickTask LLC or a third party.

TickTask LLC uses “cookies” (a small file containing a string of characters that uniquely identifies your browser) and obtains certain types of information when your web browser accesses TickTask. These server logs may include information such as your web request, Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, information about your Internet connection and web beacon information. TickTask LLC uses cookies primarily for user authentication but may also use them to improve the quality of its services by storing user preferences and tracking user trends. Moreover, TickTask LLC may collect information about your preferences and settings such as time zone and language, your searches, and the results you select from such searches.

When and if you download and/or use TickTask through your device, TickTask LLC may receive information about your location and your device, including a unique identifier number for your device, device model, operating system(s), versions, software, file names, advertisement identifiers, and mobile network information. TickTask LLC may use this information to provide you with location-based services including but not limited to search results and other personalized content. When you use TickTask through your device, TickTask LLC collects your location data. If you permit TickTask to access your location through the permission system used by your mobile operating system, TickTask LLC may also collect the precise location of your device when TickTask is running in the foreground or background. TickTask LLC may also derive your approximate location from your IP address.

Users have the right to be informed, free of charge, of the data that is collected about them and, if such data is incomplete or incorrect, to correct it, block access to it or delete it. In order to achieve that, Users are invited to connect to their account and make whatever modifications are necessary in their profile. Based on any such modifications, TickTask will delete the requested data but keep certain details, specific demographic, statistical data referring to the User, accounting data and an anonymous copy, in its archives, of the User’s information.

2. Age


TickTask is, as a rule, not intended for persons aged under 18.

In this context, no person under 18 can sign up and carry out tasks as an Errand Runner.

A person under 18 may become a Customer where s/he obtains prior consent from his/her parent(s) and/or legal guardian, where s/he uses solely his/her own earnings to pay for the service provided, or in any other circumstances in which s/he can validly enter into a contract pursuant to Swiss law.

3. Access right


You may request a copy of the personal data that TickTask LLC has collected, used or disclosed about you and to have this information delivered electronically, free of charge. You may also review, correct or update personal data that you have provided TickTask LLC with.

In order to do so, please send your request to (for customers’ inquiries) or (for Errand Runners’ inquiries). You may be asked to provide certain personal material and information when submitting your request including a government identifier, your relationship with TickTask LLC, your email address, telephone number and postal address. TickTask LLC will respond to your request consistently with applicable law.

4. Updates to this Privacy policy


TickTask LLC reserves its right to amend this Privacy policy at any time and at its sole discretion without notice. The current version of the Privacy policy is available to the User via TickTask with a possibility to download and/or have the document sent by email.


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