About Us

Looking to free up or monetize your time? TickTask is the place for you!

TickTask is an online community growing out of Geneva, where people can request the exact services they require at the click of a button. TickTask understands that a hectic schedule often leaves little time to complete personal errands. With the endless obligations and responsibilities at play, balancing work with your personal life can be a never-ending challenge. No matter the size or type of errand required, TickTaskers are on hand to provide a range of same-day (or future dates) specialist errands. From delivering that forgotten bunch of flowers to purchasing an overlooked item on your shopping list, helping pack up your home or building that chair that’s still in the box, no task is too big, small or complex!

TickTask is also a growing marketplace where anyone over the age of 18 can monetize their free time. Have a couple hours to kill and want to make some extra cash on the side? Select one of our subscription plans and become a TickTasker!

TickTask is a safe space community in which all members, clients and TickTaskers can feel respected and appreciated in every errand. TickTask remains open-minded in terms of its members needs to ensure we remain innovative, progressive and accessible. The community building, hard work and dedication of TickTaskers are what powers TickTask’s growth and remain at the heart of all that TickTask does. Afterall the strength of TickTask is resilient on its community!


Our Story

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted Geneva and the region’s lack of on-demand services that tackle varied aspects of everyday life. The search of a solution to this problem by friends, and Geneva natives, Mariam Rawashdeh and Alia Samawi is what led to the birth of TickTask. After 18 months of intense research, market studies, development and testing, Mariam and Alia were proud to announce the launch of their application TickTask, the first of its’ kind in the Swiss market, aimed at helping people cross-off tasks from their daily to-do lists. The two friends have always agreed that “a busy schedule often leaves little time for personal tasks and errands. With endless obligations and responsibilities, balancing work with personal life can be a never-ending challenge. And even more so, they “wanted to develop an application that students, retirees, or any other person looking to supplement their income can do so on their own time and terms”.'

Our Team

Mariam Rawashdeh Co-Founder
Alia Samawi Co-Founder


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